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Hi, I'm Reda.
I help entrepreneurs
achieve success in
business while finding
balance in life

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Maybe you can relate to this...

Right now, you feel like you are succeeding in business but failing in life. Despite desperately trying to grow your company, there just are not enough hours in the day.

And by dedicating every waking hour to work, things like your social life, physical health and relationships have started suffering. In short, you feel burned out and overwhelmed.

And while you do not know what to do about the problem, you know one thing with absolutely certainty: life cannot go on like this.

But, with the right help, guidance and expert advice, it does not have to be this way.

reda Magani
reda Magani

Build a Successful Business That Fuels Your Lifestyle

I help people in the technology and startup sector build purpose driven businesses, thrive as professionals and discover a sense of personal fulfilment.

In order to overcome challenges, I believe the brain needs to uninstall certain patterns and embed new ones, much like updating a computer.

Through dedicated coaching sessions, I will help you overcome your fears, eliminate unproductive thought patterns and empower you to reach your true potential.

Imagine how stability and success might feel in your life. Imagine being able to scale up your business, enjoying more free time, and having a clear perspective on the direction you need to take.

Taking the next step

Maybe you are wondering whether life coaching is really for you. Perhaps you feel anxious about the unknown, or wonder whether my coaching can genuinely transform you and your business.

Here is why I think it can.

  • I have more than a decade of experience in the IT / technology sector, so I can relate to the specific challenges you are facing right now.
  • Along with building my own businesses from the ground up, I have helped entrepreneurs find their own success and gained the trust of several Fortune 500 companies.
  • I offer a unique, multi­discipline, cross­culturally sensitive perspective that is essential in today’s vastly growing global market.
  • As for that feeling of being trapped, stuck and out of balance? From personal experience, I know how that feels.

Swap Burnout and Uncertainty for Freedom and Clarity

I offer two types of coaching to meet your specific needs:

Learn about vip coaching

For individuals running their own business:

Learn about VIP coaching
Learn about executive coaching

For business leaders within organizations:

Learn about executive coaching