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Reduce inflammation and increase energy

Reduce inflammation and increase energy

Inflammation causes lots of health problem, ranging from cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases and so on. It also causes loss of energy and vitality, and you don’t want that to happen. So how can we kick inflammation in the butt?

There are so many ways to reduce and prevent inflammation and increase your energy; that includes the food we eat, stress management, living a healthy lifestyle and so on.

What we take in to determine a lot in our day to day health. Food can either harm or help you, it all depends on you. Taking in the right food will reduce inflammation, give you a healthier look and health and of course it would increase your energy and vitality. Your body will thank you for giving it a very healthy diet.

The time I heard this, I was so astonished; raw foods help in reducing inflammation and increase your energy more than eating processed foods. So it’s time to take your meals raw!

Here are some lists of raw foods that you shouldn’t skip

  • If you are someone like me who like sweet foods, berries are the best for you instead of taking sugar. Berries are sources of water, antioxidants, potassium and yes vitamin C. All these nutrients present in Berries help to boost your energy, reduce inflammation and increase vitality. To enjoy this fruit and get all the nutrients you need in them is to eat them RAW. Don’t heat any berry to get the most out of them. Instead, you can put them in the fridge and enjoy a chilled and delicious berry bowl.
  • If you are looking for food that is anti-inflammatory and also contains vitamin E, almond is your best shot. Almond is an anti-inflammatory agent; it also contains vitamin E and potassium. The best way to enjoy almonds is to eat them raw.
  • Hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain vitamin B, vegan protein, and omega-3 which is excellent in increasing your energy, reducing inflammation and making your body healthier. Hemp seed are best eaten raw; you don’t want to miss that raw super taste and nutrient.
  • Chia seeds. Chia is an excellent source of vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, amino acids and iron. Try eating them raw, you will love how it helps reduce inflammation and increases your energy.
  • Kale is an excellent source of iron and magnesium; it also contains chlorophyll; which is why it is so green. In order to enjoy all this nutrients, eat kale raw or preferably, you can put some kale leaves in a smoothie but don’t cook it. Just enjoy it raw.

You also need to know the foods you should avoid to reduce inflammation and increase your energy and vitality, these include:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Salt
  3. Sugar
  4. Refined grains

So to sum it up : Eat raw and healthy to keep fit and energized.