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The Wheel of Life - how to find balance in your life

The Wheel of Life - how to find balance in your life

Every human is born into a complex, activity loaded world where there seem to be no end to what we do daily. Sharing our time among many competing life forces can send us giving more to one life activity at the disadvantage of equally important ones. The wheel of life, also known as Bacharach is a tool to find our balance as it gives us the insight into various activities we are supposed to engage in order to lead a balanced and live right in life. Applying the wheel of life tool is the essence of life coaching balance to give the individual a true life meaning and direction.


Contained in the wheel of life are important aspects of our life we need to strike a balance on. Areas like health, family, spirituality, work, social and economy. Each of these key areas is what the wheel of life tries to emphasize such that life coaching balance is essential to live right in life.


Wheel of life has been an important tool used by life coaching balance practitioners to help individual take a close and hard look on different aspects of their lives to make deserving changes. Unless there is a balance, and it does not mean whether we are of certain age or another, everybody needs a balance in their life.


How to find balance in your life

In leading a balanced life, everybody needs help to get their lives on track. True happiness only come when there is a balance in the way we live our lives, without a life coaching balance, there is the tendency to get focused more on some aspects of life than the other which ultimately will rob off on us negatively in the end. Below are ways to find balance in your life:


  1. Application of wheel of life tool is an ongoing process. You need to understand that applying the Bacharach tool is not a one off application. Balance should be seen as part of living and must fill your every day consciousness.
  2. Keep an open mind. Fromm diet to work to family to relationship to social and personal and environmental health, you need to see yourself as obligated to find a balance in all things around and within you. If you look around, solutions to most problems you have already have been provided; do you see and accept them?
  3. Create time for everything important. Anything you have identified as important deserves your time. You don’t have to make one thing more important than the other, they all deserve a listening ear and your attention, give it.
  4. Be happy to work with other people around you. At work, do you see others are equally capable or you just want to do it yourself? Learn to delegate job to free up more time and use the opportunity to build people around you to develop requisite skills to do the work perfectly like you would have done.
  5. Use some available help. Most times we get in trouble because we want to reinvent the wheel. There are support already available, make yourself available to use the help of a life coach to help you build a balanced life


Life coaching balance is a process to help you through the stages of applying the wheel of life tool to find balance in your life. The more you relax and allow this to permeate your body and soul, the better your life becomes.